For all the visitors to my Portfolio gallery of Travel > Kyoto, Japan, I'm pleased to announce a hardcover photo book with all the Kyoto photographs in the gallery (plus many more that haven't been published before) is now available. The book is filled with 80 pages of peaceful sights from Kyoto, ranging from traditional to modern architecture, skillfully built shrines and temples, from serene zen gardens to street scenes. It features 190 gsm photo lustre paper, with a satin-matte surface that makes each page look and feel like a photo print.

Here are some sample pages below for your perusal. Please contact me via the online Contact form to obtain a copy for your coffee table or library collection!


Peace of Kyoto PhotobookPeace of Kyoto PhotobookCover and sample pages from Rita Wong Photography's "Peace of Kyoto" photobook.



My first collection of Titled Art images is now available in a photo book format. Please visit the pages below to see a preview of my book and to order your copy.

Titled Art No. 1 PhotobookTitled Art No. 1 Photobook


Hardcover:                Softcover:          




In addition, my photography has been featured on a corporate website and in various magazines.


Entuitive Website - Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto:

Entuitive-Ripleys-1Entuitive-Ripleys-1Ripley'a Aquarium, Toronto.

Entuitive-Ripleys-2Entuitive-Ripleys-2Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto.

Entuitive-Ripleys-3Entuitive-Ripleys-3Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto.













Modern Steel Construction - Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto:

MSC-Ripleys-1MSC-Ripleys-1Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto. MSC-Ripleys-2MSC-Ripleys-2Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto.


Spezzatino Food Magazine - Mushrooms:

Spezzatino-Mushroom-1Spezzatino-Mushroom-1Spezzatino Magazine - Mushroom (page 1 of 2)

Spezzatino-Mushroom-2Spezzatino-Mushroom-2Spezzatino Magazine - Mushroom (page 2 of 2)


REAL Kids Magazine - The Valley of Fire:

Valley of Fire-1Valley of Fire-1 Valley of Fire-2Valley of Fire-2


REAL Kids Magazine - The Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon-1Grand Canyon-1 Grand Canyon-2Grand Canyon-2


REAL Kids Magazine - Swans:

Swans-1Swans-1 Swans-2Swans-2


REAL Kids Magazine - Horses:



REAL Kids Magazine - Magnolias:



Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine (digital version) - Macro Workshop article:

Caterpillar DisplayCaterpillar Display