My first collection of Titled Art images is now available in a photo book format. Please visit the pages below to see a preview of my book and to order your copy.


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In addition, my photography has been featured on a corporate website and in various magazines.


Entuitive Website - Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto:

Entuitive-Ripleys-1Entuitive-Ripleys-1Ripley'a Aquarium, Toronto.

Entuitive-Ripleys-2Entuitive-Ripleys-2Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto.

Entuitive-Ripleys-3Entuitive-Ripleys-3Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto.













Modern Steel Construction - Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto:

MSC-Ripleys-1MSC-Ripleys-1Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto. MSC-Ripleys-2MSC-Ripleys-2Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto.


Spezzatino Food Magazine - Mushrooms:

Spezzatino-Mushroom-1Spezzatino-Mushroom-1Spezzatino Magazine - Mushroom (page 1 of 2)

Spezzatino-Mushroom-2Spezzatino-Mushroom-2Spezzatino Magazine - Mushroom (page 2 of 2)


REAL Kids Magazine - The Valley of Fire:

Valley of Fire-1Valley of Fire-1 Valley of Fire-2Valley of Fire-2


REAL Kids Magazine - The Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon-1Grand Canyon-1 Grand Canyon-2Grand Canyon-2


REAL Kids Magazine - Swans:

Swans-1Swans-1 Swans-2Swans-2


REAL Kids Magazine - Horses:



REAL Kids Magazine - Magnolias:


Outdoor Photography Canada - Macro Workshop article:

Caterpillar DisplayCaterpillar Display