Welcome to my photography blog, where I will be sharing artistic techniques that I use to create my artwork. These include items to look for when out in the field, in-camera functions that are applied when capturing an image, and post-processing methods that turn ordinary photos into fine art photography. I will discuss how to make use of various photographic tools, from our eyes and camera equipment to software, to transform our world’s canvas into art pieces.

Black Friday 2020

November 24, 2020
Before you know it, American Thanksgiving is coming up this week along with Black Friday, Cyber Monday next week and shopping for Christmas presents! This year Black Frid...
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Thanksgiving 2020

October 15, 2020
As schools restarted in September and some people tried to resume pre-COVID life by socializing in restaurants or in large groups, COVID-19 cases rose in recent weeks. To...
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Invitation to join FRAMES Magazine and Photo Community

October 01, 2020
As we head into October and countries around the world continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope your art and photography are helping you navigate through this unp...
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ArtWalk in the Square Online 2020

September 24, 2020
Fall has officially arrived this week - a few days ago temperatures dropped to single digits in Canada, and my building had arranged for central heating to be turned on,...
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Making Summer Last

August 29, 2020
It's already the end of August - where has the summer gone? I hope you're enjoying the most of it, despite the restrictions on travelling overseas and various degrees of...
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Dreamy Summer Days

July 31, 2020
It's July 31st, which means another month has flown by in 2020. Summer is halfway over, so take advantage of the beautiful warm weather to enjoy the great outdoors. While...
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Happy Canada Day 2020

July 01, 2020
Before I know it, summer and July 1st has arrived. Happy 153rd birthday, Canada! Although many provinces in Canada have advanced in reopening businesses and restarting th...
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Post-Lockdown Happy Clouds

June 16, 2020
During the COVID-19 lockdown, as most people stayed at home to follow social distancing guidelines, cars remained in parking spots, planes stayed on the tarmac as flight...
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In Uncertain Times

June 09, 2020
In a previous post over a year ago, I wrote about how photography can be a reflection of life. The theme of fog seems to appear again in line with the times. Due to the r...
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Being Creative While Staying At Home

May 29, 2020
Another week, another month is coming to a close. June will be arriving In a few days - many people are looking forward to resuming activities after the COVID-19 stay-at-...
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Signs of Spring and Renewal

May 18, 2020
Can you believe we had snow flurries in Ontario last Saturday, the second weekend of May? Now that we're into the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, there are finally m...
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Stay-At-Home Views

April 27, 2020
As we continue to flatten the COVID-19 curve, I hope you're keeping well and staying healthy. Although there are positive signs and various countries around the world hav...
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Complimentary Floral Cards

April 20, 2020
Further to my previous post about Dreamy Florals photo book, I've created a set of cards based on this floral theme. These digital cards are complimentary and can be down...
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Dreamy Florals Photo Book

April 16, 2020
While we continue with social distancing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to share with you a slideshow of uplifting floral photography to bring some joy into...
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Hopeful Easter 2020

April 12, 2020
Easter 2020 will be a memorable one, for many reasons. Religious celebrations were held online rather than in churches, Easter eggs were hunted for inside the house rathe...
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