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A photo art series based on photos captured in Hokkaido, Japan, combined with abstract digital artwork. My Mom and I travelled to Hokkaido 17 years ago, and we took a trip there in the summer of 2018. However, this time I was seeing the sights on earth while she was viewing them from heaven above. Although we were physically apart, I know she is my guide, accompanying me in spirit as I journey. She was always my protector and now she is my guardian angel. I saw these scenes through a portal, as in a dream, and my feelings were bittersweet, symbolized by stylized tears of joy amongst muted colours of sadness. Though I was happy to be travelling there again, I was sad that Mom was not standing next to me, enjoying the scenery with me, sharing our feelings and experiences at these places. She had loved our previous trips to Japan, no doubt she would have enjoyed this trip with me too. Mom is freely existing in this space - I know she was watching over me, a tiny dot in this vast expanse. I could feel her love and spirit embracing me as I explored the various sites on this island and captured these scenes.
Bittersweet Hokkaido - TearsBittersweet Hokkaido - Side by SideBittersweet Hokkaido - TogetherBittersweet Hokkaido - AscendBittersweet Hokkaido - The Path UpBittersweet Hokkaido - GuidanceBittersweet Hokkaido - ReflectingBittersweet Hokkaido - At PeaceBuddha Statue