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Need Inspiration For Your Photos? Add a Dash of Imagination

May 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes when we’re out shooting, we may not feel inspired immediately. Take time to study the surroundings and add your imagination. You may be surprised with the resulting images. On a cold winter day, I went for a walk in a nearby park. I was looking at some of the dried plants that were peeking out from under the thick snow cover when I noticed the shadow of this plant. The shape of the “flowers” reminded me of sakura (cherry blossoms), although it was far from reality at -15 degrees Celsius. I made this image and changed its tone from a dull grey to a gentle pink, looking forward to the warm spring days ahead when the cherry trees will be covered in white and pink blooms. 

Sakura ImpressionSakura ImpressionShadow of dried flowers on snow reminiscent of sakura (cherry blossoms) in spring.

Another example is this photo taken by a pond. Some people will see this simply as a branch surrounded by ripples, but with some imagination, it resembles a water strider creating concentric figure eight patterns in the water. Even a plain object can become a subject for art. 

Water StriderWater StriderRipples surrounding branch resembles a water strider.

A third example is this humorous image I made in the southwest US (below left). You may hear many photographers say that with the harsh light at mid-day, it’s time to pack up the photo gear and head indoors. Without the bright light casting this shadow of the rock (and a bit of imagination), how would I have captured Miss Piggy making an appearance at the slot canyon? While scrolling through my winter images, another prominent portrait caught my eye, that of a lady in white (below right). It’s snow accumulated on top of a concrete curb in the park, and its shadow forms a profile of a woman with long flowing hair.  

Miss Piggy Spotted at CanyonMiss Piggy Spotted at CanyonShadow of rock at slot canyon resembles Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show. Lady in WhiteLady in WhiteProfile of a lady formed by snow gathered on a ledge.

Add a dash of imagination in your next photography outing, and you may find some unexpected objects or subjects in your images!


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