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Add an Element of Art Design Into Your Photos - Shapes

June 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Continuing from the basic element of lines, the next design element that adds interest to a photograph is shapes or forms. These are self-contained areas bound by lines, and can be regular, geometric shapes or irregular, organic forms. 

A number of shapes arranged around an image becomes the composition, as in this photo of “Beach Houses”. There are several forms in this image - the frames around the window/vent opening, the three colourful beach houses, and the shapes cast by their shadows. All these shapes are carefully placed to move the viewer’s eyes around the image - from the brown house in the foreground to the yellow house in the background, then to the red house in front and continuing to the shadows in the foreground.

Beach HousesBeach HousesColourful beach houses in Atlantic Canada.

In this image of “Autumn Treescape”, a natural shape is used to add impact to the image. The crimson red leaves of autumn are made more dramatic with the mountain-shaped outline. Although many viewers suspect this form was created in Photoshop, it’s actually made by nature. This image was taken from inside a small cave, and the rugged shape is the overhanging rock of the cave entrance. The resulting frame and shape definitely make the photo more intriguing. 

Autumn TreescapeAutumn TreescapeUsing a cave entrance as a frame, a treescape is created where autumn foliage resembles a mountain range.

A more simple shape is used in this minimalist image “Glow”. It is simply one side of a porcelain bowl, although some viewers have wondered if it is a piece of cloth or some other object. In this photo, the shape of the bowl dominates and is the main subject. I really liked the way light reflects off its side face and the soft glow created along the top edge of the bowl. 

GlowGlowGlowing edge of a bowl.

As these photos show, shapes can be used alone or in a group to design an impactful image. 


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