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Add an Element of Art Design Into Your Photos - Patterns and Rhythm

September 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Related to the previous post about textures is that of visual texture, which includes patterns and rhythm. Patterns are when elements repeat in a regular manner, while rhythm refers to items placed at a slightly irregular sense. Patterns and rhythm are used in art and photography to create visual interest or add impact. Regular patterns give a graphical look and can present a sense of order, whereas varied repetitions in rhythm add some spice. 

In the image “Strawberry Corn”, the 3 pieces of corn (three is a good number to use in visual design) are repeated in a row, forming an orderly array. The size of corn gets smaller the further back it is from the viewer, giving a sense of depth to the image. This makes for a calm decorative piece in the kitchen or eating area. 

Strawberry CornStrawberry Corn


On the other hand, the symmetrical repetitions of wheels and spokes in the abstract “Electrified” provide great visual impact to this photo. The effect suits the title and purple lights in the image. After being electrified by the lights, the eye sees multiples of wheels and spokes, similar to the multiple bright spots that you see after looking at bright lights. This pattern also highlights the architectural qualities of the artistic sculpture. 

ElectrifiedElectrifiedColoured lights streaming through a sculpture of wheels makes it electrified. This is part of Ai Wei Wei's Forever Bicycles sculpture for Nuit Blanche in Toronto.


The lily pads in “One by One” are lined up in order, but there is some variation in how they are positioned. This creates visual rhythm that adds interest to this photo, leading the eye from one lily pad to the next, while moving from one side of the image to the other. Although the lily pads are similar to each other, their arrangement allows a comparison and shows they are distinctly different - some perforated with tiny holes and others having collected small pools of water, some with flat edges and other with a raised lip.

One by One *One by One *A row of water lily pads forming an artistic curve.


Add some patterns or rhythm into your photo compositions, and see how they can enhance the messages you are conveying with your images.


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