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Add an Element of Art Design Into Your Photos - Balance

February 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Related to the use of positive and negative space in an image, which I discussed in my previous post, is the use of balance as an element of design. Balance refers to the way that elements are arranged, whether it be lines, shapes, or colours. This arrangement, or balance, can be symmetrical, where elements have equal weight on either side of a central line. Balance can also be asymmetrical, where elements are placed unevenly in the image, yet creates an overall sense of harmony in the composition.


In the photo “Couples”, the use of symmetrical balance can be seen. A couple is placed on either side of center, and offset in the vertical direction to form a slight diagonal line between these shapes. The symmetry gives a stable feeling, suitable for the theme of couples in the photo.

CouplesCouplesTwo generations of coupled statues sharing a cozy moment in the ocean at sunset.

Similarly, symmetrical balance is employed in “Double Phoenix”. Not only are the shapes of the phoenix equally weighted, but the colours added to the sky are also in balance. Again, a diagonal design is added to suit the elements and to create visual interest. The balance in shapes and colours emphasize the presence of the subject. 

Double PhoenixDouble PhoenixMystical clouds take on the form of a phoenix rising into the sky.

For the image “Architecture Reimagined”, asymmetrical balance is chosen. The three spheres are placed unevenly around the image, but there is harmony between them. The reflections on the spheres are similarly repeated, and the spheres are arranged in a zigzag fashion towards the viewer, creating a sense of dynamics.

Architecture Reimagined *Architecture Reimagined *Building facades as glass spheres - perhaps this is the future shape of architecture.

See how the use of balance, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, can enhance the subject or design of your images and add imapact.


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