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Photography Involves Detective Work

October 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes, being a photographer makes me feel like a detective. When we're photographing landscapes or events, the subjects are well laid out in front of us, as long as we find the right locations and show up at the appropriate times. On other days, we may be out shooting without a specific photographic subject in mind. This is when our detective skills come into play. 

On an unusually warm Fall day, I was walking in a garden enjoying the flowers that were still in bloom. A large white iris caught my eye and I started by capturing it in its entirety. With the bright afternoon sun, it was not the ideal lighting condition for this type of shot, and the background is quite distracting with other flowers and leaves pointing every which way.

White IrisWhite IrisWhite iris flower

Typically, I prefer to see more close-up details of my photo subjects, so I moved in for a closer look. Peeking into the petals of this snow-white iris with my detective eyes, I found a Japanese beetle hiding in there. In turn, it was peering through a hole in the flower petal...I wonder what it found?

Peek-a-BooPeek-a-BooPeeking within the petals of this snow-white iris, I found a Japanese beetle hiding in there. In turn, it was peering through a hole in the petal...I wonder what it found?

To continue this peek-a-boo game with the beetle, I took a photo from outside the flower and saw its head poking out slightly from the hole in the petal. Although this also makes for an interesting shot, the subject may not be as clear if this image was presented by itself. Now that you know the whole story, which photo do you prefer? The one showing the beetle from above, or this version from below?

Peek-a-Boo 2

Whichever one you like, it's a reminder to always keep our eyes open for photographic opportunities everywhere, to play games with our subjects, and to use our detective minds for unique shots. Instead of carrying a detective's magnifying glass, just whip out your macro lens instead!


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