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Impromptu Photo Shoot at Skating Rink

February 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


After a hiatus from my blog posts, I am resuming my entries with a change in topics. Whereas the previous series was about adding elements of art and design into photographs, this series will highlight various images I come back with from each photo shoot, talking about both the photographs and interesting stories about the shoot itself.

A recent photo shoot was an impromptu one...originally the plan was to photograph some dance shows, but it turned out photography was not permitted inside the theatre. Stepping outside after the shows, I saw skaters enjoying the unusually warm weather and sunshine. Thus, it became a photo shoot at the skating rink instead.

One of the first skaters that caught my attention was this boy. He was likely a beginner skater, but brave and showing off some tricks already, such as skating with his eyes shielded. His mom was certainly proud to see his footwork! 

Look at Me, MomLook at Me, MomThis boy is a beginner skater, but is already showing off some tricks.  

As this day was so warm, the skating rink had started to melt. It was an unique opportunity to photograph skaters on ice covered with water, so I wanted to focus on this aspect. I zoomed in on two pairs of skates, followed by trails of water. This image is also complemented by the skaters’ reflections and shadows. 

Skating on Melting RinkSkating on Melting RinkOn this unusually warm winter day, skaters continue to skate on a melting rink. The rink was closed later on to repair the ice, so that evening skating can take place.

Later in the evening, the rink ice was repaired and skaters returned to skate along with music and colourful lights shining around the rink. I captured this skater in motion with panning and motion blur. Some viewers may prefer a sharp subject, but I wanted to convey his motion on the ice, and like the flow of colours around him in this blurred rendition. It's blurred, but his skates are still visible to convey his action.

Skater in ActionSkater in ActionSkater enjoys an evening skate, accompanied by music and colorful lights.

So, the next time that your planned photo shoot turns into an impromptu one, don’t be disappointed...you can also get other interesting images that you had not expected! 


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