Dreary Days for Photography

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Often, photographers may shy away from dreary days, as the golden light will not be available to add that magic touch that landscape photographers dream of. Or even if they went out for a photoshoot, they may not be impressed by the resulting images. Don't be so quick in dismissing those dreary days, or rejecting the grey photos from your photo library. With the power of post-processing software, even drab photographs can be turned into artistic images.

A good example is this photo that I took one grey day - the clouds presented interesting textures in the sky, but it was so overcast that the colours in the vegetation were barely visible.

Yellowknife PondYellowknife Pond

The underexposure didn't help either. But after a transformation using a NIK software filter, it takes on an artistic look and a whole new life! Although some of the cloud texture in the sky is lost, it is still visible in the reflection on the water. The triptych panelling also adds to the painting effect.

Yellowknife Pond Art EditYellowknife Pond Art Edit

Using another filter effect, the original photograph is transformed into a completely different form below. This abstract version retains (and enhances) much more of the dreary, cool mood, but in an artistic dreamy manner. If I hadn't shown the first photo above, it may be difficult to figure out what the original image looked like!

Dreamy Landscape on a Dreary DayDreamy Landscape on a Dreary DayIt was a grey, dreary day when I visited this pond, but after some artistic touches, the scene became the subject of a dreamy landscape.

One photograph, three vastly different looks - which do you find most effective? Which version do you like best?

This definitely is a good reminder to keep photographing, no matter the lighting conditions. You may be surprised by the resulting images that you can create!



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