When Reality is Not Enough

March 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As varied and interesting as our world is, sometimes reality is not enough. Artistic photographers will feel the need to create something more, to produce images that may be based on what we photograph in reality, but with other additions or modifications applied to make them even more artistic, more intriguing, more impactful.

While watching a skating show, I took multiple images of this dancer. Upon reviewing the series of photos, I found her shadows even more interesting, as the lights cast shadows in three directions, forming a trillium shape. I decided to make a composite from 2 of the images, with the following result:

Skating ShadowsSkating ShadowsAs this figure skater spun around the skating rink, I couldn't help but focus on the interesting shapes of her shadows, so I decided to compose an image with this as the main focus.

Reality can also be transformed into abstract art. The photo of a simple tree was manipulated into a black and white abstract, which I titled Night and Day. Simple yet effective, I think, and has a lot more impact than the original tree image!

Night and DayNight and DayAbstract made from views of this tree at night vs. at daytime.

A third example is this building which I redesigned. The architect of the original building likely won't approve of this change, but it made for a fun exercise in creating composites.

ROM RedesignedROM RedesignedThe ROM Museum is given a new look in this abstract composition.

If you need some inspiration for your photography, play with the photos in your collection. The results are only limited by your imagination!


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