The Trend of Selfies

May 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In this day and age when selfies are all the rage, many people have perfected the art of taking selfies with their phones, and the inventor of selfie sticks are continuing to cash in on the trend.  We also hear stories of people who have been accidentally hit by selfie sticks, or tourists who unfortunately have been injured or lost their lives while taking selfies on mountain edges or at famous landmarks around the world. While this trend of selfies can be seen as boosting narcissism, or even dangerous, selfies can yield interesting images as long as we take the proper precautions.

I take a twist on this trend and prefer to take "selfies" of my shadow, as I find them much more photogenic than the selfies showing my face!

Here are some recent examples. While on vacation, I had just come out of the store with a bag of groceries and saw my shadow along the beautifully decorated sidewalk - what a great spot for a selfie. The late afternoon sun cast a long shadow - this is the only time I can be so tall! 

This past weekend, I took part in Doors Open to visit some new buildings in town. This landscaped space was full of geometric shapes that complemented my selfie and made the abstract all the more interesting. 

Shapes and ShadowShapes and Shadow

Another selfie taken near the same building - this one also incorporated unique shapes of reflections on the ground and shadow of a street lamp. 

What forms of selfies have you taken? Do you prefer traditional selfies or other styles? With the trend of selfies being so popular, photographers need to be more creative and artistic with their selfie images.



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