Back to School

September 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As we head back to school, life can get hectic and feel frenzied, with packing lunches and making sure everyone gets to school on time, then heading off to dance lessons or hockey practices after school. Of course, this is on top of the regular work routines and house chores. Before you know it, the day is over and you wonder where time has gone...much like these scooters zooming by in this abstract image:

To survive this madness which most people know as "life", you often have to stretch yourself and bend over backwards (or perform other forms of acrobatics) to meet all these demands, with little Suzie crying for her favourite toy or Johnny asking (the sixth time!) for his permission form to be signed. Perhaps this pair of artistic acrobats can give you another inspiration:

In the midst of all this craziness, it's important that we take time to press PAUSE now and then (freezing action as below, only when safe to do so, of course), to take stock of where you are and check whether you are heading in your life's desired direction.

If so, continue to forge ahead! Otherwise, see what changes are needed and take steps to make these adjustments before life passes you by! 



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