Photography is a Reflection of Life

November 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Often, photography is a reflection of our lives. By this, I'm not just referring to direct captures such as portraiture or event photography, where faces and actions are documented. When we're going through rough times, we may choose to focus on darker subjects or process our images in low-key. On happier days, we may choose to photograph flowers in bloom, landscapes with cheerful colours, and produce more high-key images. Sometimes even landscapes, street photography or other fine art photography subjects just happen to represent our moods or the phases of life and emotions that we' re going through (as a result of some higher power?). 

As an example, in recent months I gathered some images that were all related to the theme of fog and mist, as shown below. 

The first is a temple in Japan that was hidden behind a curtain of thick fog where it was obscured entirely from my view - eventually it emerged so I could capture its top next to the treetops.

Temple in the FogTemple in the Fog

In another city I saw this man walking into a sea of mist. Visibility was down to nearly zero at the mist's highest density. Fortunately, the high curb kept everyone safe on the walkway, which overhangs above a river.

Into the MistInto the Mist

Finally, closer to home, there were many foggy days as summer turns into fall, and temperatures fluctuated dramatically, giving moody images like this one. 

Foggy Fall DayFoggy Fall Day

All of these images coincided with a "foggy" time in my life, in which I was struggling with a decision, and the way ahead was unclear. But just like the mist and fog, which eventually faded away, I slowly made my way through the cloud, and the path emerged, letting me see which road to take. 


I'm sure that if you look through your photography, there will be many parallels between your images and your mood or emotions at the times those photos were captured. Do you agree? 






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