Thanksgiving 2020

October 15, 2020  •  1 Comment

As schools restarted in September and some people tried to resume pre-COVID life by socializing in restaurants or in large groups, COVID-19 cases rose in recent weeks. To control the rise of this second wave, the Ontario government asked that families celebrate Thanksgiving only with those living under the same roof. As this announcement came just 2 days ahead of the Canadian holiday, some may already have planned their gathering with family and friends. 


I reverted to a modest homemade dinner - bought a carnival squash with festive design (and found a perfect art backdrop for it at home!), and filled it with a delicious combination of onion, mixed mushrooms, quinoa and pumpkin seeds. Rather than attempting to cook a turkey, I opted to make simple turkey patties that tasted just as good. 


Carnival SquashColourful carnival squash - a festive design for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving MealHomemade Thanksgiving meal, smaller feast this year due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in Ontario, Canada.


Although this dinner was much different from the traditional feast with my relatives, I am blessed to have enjoyed the abundance of this meal. I am grateful for health, family and friends, food on the table, and the beauty in nature (such as the fall colours captured below) that surrounds us and is a source for fine art photography. Despite the many challenges that COVID has brought to the world this year, I try to remind myself to practice gratitude daily.


Happy Thanksgiving 2020Fall colours arrived a bit earlier this year, just in time to create this photo ahead of Thanksgiving.


Thank you for reading and following my blog, dear readers. I hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Stay well everyone!




Ross Alexander(non-registered)
That carnival squash has the most amazing patterns on it. I like the background you chose for it, it makes the squash leap out.

Hungry now looking at these photos!
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