Art Design in Photography - Complimentary Book Sample

July 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

For those who have read (or missed) my first series of blog posts on Art Design in Photography, the series is available in a book form, and you can download a complimentary sample today (yes, for free)! Learn how to apply elements of art design in photography, how to use visual language for creating impactful images and convey the intended visual message. Ten elements of design are presented, along with sample images from my photo portfolio, accompanied by explanatory text. For each topic, an artist's quote is also included for additional inspiration.


Please visit this page to download a complimentary sample from my book. After registering, click on the cover image in the gallery, and then click "Download Original" above the image to obtain the PDF file.

If you like the sample, please visit this page to order your copy of the entire book to learn more about the 10 elements of art design and how to apply them into your photography. Both softcover and eBook versions are available to suit your preference.


Art Design in Photography


Enjoy the complimentary sample and please send me your comments or feedback.

Thank you and happy photographing!




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