Memories from Italy's Cinque Terre

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Although various countries around the world are reopening their borders for fully-vaccinated visitors after pausing domestic and international travel for over a year, I'm not ready to pack my suitcase for overseas travel yet. Thanks to technology, we can do virtual travelling through online videos or relive memories from past travels. Today I'd like to share some memories from Cinque Terre with you, via a collection of photos I captured on a trip to this colourful part of Italy a few years ago.


Cinque Terre consists of 5 seaside villages along the southern coast of Italy by the Ligurian Sea, hence the name for this area ("cinque" meaning five in Italian). The five towns (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore) are connected by hiking paths, local trains, and of course you can also reach them by boat. Colourful houses can be found on the sides of steep hills, fishing boats fill the harbours, and this area is famous for the local seafood and lemons!


Here are some of the images I captured inside the town. Colourful houses line both sides of the street - in pink, green and yellow. Fishing boats can also be found parked in front of the houses. To suit the mood of the image, I used a nostalgic filter in post-processing. What do you think of this effect?  


Life in Cinque TerreLife in Cinque Terre


In the image below, I was captured by the decorative arches and ceiling details. I framed my photo and waited for someone to walk by - then the perfect subject came through, wearing a light yellow shirt that matched the building's colour exactly! The strong shadow of the column also added to the geometric framing of the photo. 


Strolling in ItalyStrolling in Italy


My friends and I also spent a lot of time photographing by the coastline - we were blessed with amazing sunset views, framed by rugged coastline and interesting tree forms! 

Yearning for the SunYearning for the Sun Island SunsetIsland Sunset


I hope you've enjoyed this visit to Cinque Terre in Italy through the above travel photography. I look forward to bringing you more travel memories and other photo artwork from my portfolio!



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