Behind Every Dark Silhouette is a Bright Light

January 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

As we start off the new year in 2019, most of us probably did some reflective thinking before the year end. Hopefully there were more positives than negatives, more good times than bad, giving an overall balance on the plus side. There may have been some negatives...didn't get the promotion you were hoping for, or maybe the new relationship didn't work out. But perhaps there's a better opportunity coming this year, or that person wasn't really the right one! You may have guessed what I will say next. Don't be discouraged, because "behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining".

In photography, there is an equivalent saying: "behind every dark silhouette there is a bright light". The silhouettes are like the dark clouds, where you won't see much details of the person or object except for their shape, but beyond that is a bright light shining, whether it be the sun, the moon, or artificial lights. 

Here are some examples I found, while sorting through last year's travel photos. These two images were taken at the same water fountain with bright lights in changing colours - one image I kept the original blue lighting, the other I converted to a black and white image to emphasize the silhouette. Children and adults alike (and photographers) all have fun at this place!

Playtime ContinuesPlaytime ContinuesThough night has fallen, children's playtime continue at this modern water fountain. Reliving ChildhoodReliving ChildhoodAt this modern water fountain, even adults have fun reliving their childhoods.

Another location that lights up an architectural marvel...with the right timing, this person's silhouette provided the perfect scale for the building's giant columns!

Amongst the Giants *Amongst the Giants *A passerby amongst the giant columns is the perfect element to show the size of this geometric structure by Santiago Calatrava.


Some viewers may prefer to see more details in the subjects, but I think these silhouettes make for impactful images, and work well as minimalist photographs. This will be the subject of a future post...stay tuned.

Don't mind the dark clouds, eventually they will pass. In nature, in photography, and in our lives, something brighter and better is beyond what we can see!

All the best for the year ahead, filled with more photography adventures!





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