Looking Forward to Spring

February 24, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

In two weekends Daylight Savings Time begins and our clocks will spring forward, and the groundhogs predicted an early spring. But today there's still a mixture of rain and snow, with a wind storm blowing through...when will spring arrive?? This winter has been too cold, with lots of snow, so I'm definitely looking forward to spring!

Until then, here are some colourful photos from my collection to brighten your day, as we wait for the sun and warm weather to return, the flowers to bloom, the birds to sing...

These images were captured in Italy in the month of May, with beautiful golden colours both at sunrise and sunset. The buildings in this area are painted in various shades of yellow, orange, pink, and brown, creating this amazing reflection in the water. The happily floating buoys were the perfect subject to add into this composition.

Painting in Water *Painting in Water *Early that morning, I was greeted by this colourful palette of paints in the water. What an amazing background for the pair of buoys enjoying a morning float!

At sunset, from the top of a hill appeared this magical scene. What a fantastic array of colours brushed across the sky, forming the backdrop to the mystical mountains. It was a long walk up to the hill, but definitely worth it!

Mystical Mountain at SunsetMystical Mountain at SunsetThis Italian coastal scene appears even more mystical with a watercolour effect.

And my favourite, a minimalistic abstract from blending the sunset colours in the sky and water with a motion pan. I'd much rather have this on my window than the grey winter sky!

Sunset BlendSunset BlendI always loved seeing this kind of abstract photo, so I finally created one of my own with this sunset blend.

I hope these art photos have brightened and warmed up your winter day. Rest assured that spring is on its way! 





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