A Walk Through the House of Mirrors

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This summer, my friend and I had a chance to visit the House of Mirrors that was part of Luminato festival in Toronto. This is a yearly summer festival in Toronto, with contemporary art installations, along with many other artistic performance events around the city. I'm glad they allowed photography inside this experiential art installation, so I can share the experience with you through the photos below. 

Before we entered the maze, we were advised by event staff to keep our arms outstretched, but not to touch the walls with our hands, to avoid leaving our fingerprints all over the mirrors. As soon as we entered, it was completely clear to us as to why we needed to walk with our arms out in front of us.

House of Mirrors 1House of Mirrors 1

Every way you turn, there's a mirror and your reflection in front of you, on your left and on your right. Without arms out to test for walls, you risk walking right into a mirror! Twisting and turning this way and that way, we slowly made our way through the maze. With the open "ceiling", at least we could use the surrounding buildings and landmarks as guides to move around. It did get a bit dizzying, I must say! The angled photos reflected exactly how I felt in the maze - as if losing my balance with every step.

House of Mirrors 2House of Mirrors 2

This maze felt like a "reflection" on life, pardon the pun. As we find our way through life, we may take a left turn here, a right turn there, and see where it'll lead us. Sometimes we take a wrong turn and keep going in circles, or reach a blockade and have to revert in another direction. We have to keep trying different routes on this journey of life, as we seek out our paths. For some people, it could be an easy straightforward path, for others, it could be a more convoluted path through the maze. I digressed...

When we got to the end, there was a large open space, surrounded by mirrors of course! Here I felt less claustrophobic, and could take more photos without worrying that someone would bump into me. 

House of MIrrors 3House of MIrrors 3

I liked this geometric piece the most. It includes elements from the House of Mirrors, while reflecting some surrounding buildings from the urban area. 

House of Mirrors 4House of Mirrors 4


This House of Mirrors can be seen as a reflection of our journey through life.  We'll each have unique experiences from our different paths - let's keep exploring and share our stories! 



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