New Chapters in Life

September 21, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

As summer rolls into fall, it's the beginning of a new school year, new activities, new endeavours - new chapters in life. Not only are the years marked by the changing of the seasons, but the hands of time (for those of us who still like analog watches and clocks!) serve as a reminder that time is continuously ticking away. The photo below was captured on a Disney cruise ship, where adults can turn back time and return to their childhood fantasy world, or have so much fun that they forget completely about time!

The Hands of TimeThe Hands of Time

When we disembark the Disney ship and return to reality, we continue to navigate our way through life, trying new things, starting new chapters. We may encounter some road blocks along the way, but there'll be another path that we can take, much like the criss-crossing beams supporting the Szent Gellért station structure in Budapest.


Although it can be scary to start new chapters - it may feel like you are entering into the abyss, not really sure if this is the right path, or not really knowing what you're getting into, but life is about taking risks, tackling new challenges, learning and growing with every experience. So as long as there is some light shining on your path (not heading into complete darkness - although adventurous types may attempt this), go ahead and give it a try! On a foggy, rainy afternoon on Mount Pilatus in Switzerland (~ 2000m in elevation), I ventured unknowingly into the "Dragon's Path". No one else was out there and several times I considered turning back, but I was curious to see where it led. So I gathered up my courage and forged ahead until I completed the trail, and captured the photo below. Didn't encounter any dragons though...

Into the AbyssInto the Abyss

With each new chapter in life, we are testing our bravery, putting ourselves out there and making new discoveries. If we don't push ourselves out of our comfort zone, our growth will be stunted. So I encourage you to start something new, whether with your photography or other aspect of your life!



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