Complimentary Floral Cards

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Further to my previous post about Dreamy Florals photo book, I've created a set of cards based on this floral theme. These digital cards are complimentary and can be downloaded for free from my website, as my gift to you during this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it's difficult for everyone in many aspects, we should express our gratitude and thanks to those who are assisting us during this time, and also remember special days of our loved ones, even though we can only get together via online chats while social distancing.


Floral Card - Thank YouFloral Card - Thank You


These cards can be sent to your family and friends conveniently during this "stay at home" period. You can use them as a thank-you to a healthcare worker, your friend or neighbour, or for a loved one's special day (Mother's Day is coming up, or for Father's Day, graduation, a birthday or anniversary).  "Get Well Soon" and "Thinking of You" versions are also available for those who have been affected by this disease, and a sunny yellow "Happy Day" card to brighten someone's day with cheer. Choose the card you like from my gallery -  (after registration) look for the "Download" button above the photo, hover on the triangle pull-down to choose "Original" for that specific card, or select "All Available Originals" to download the entire set of 9 cards. If you would like to purchase printed greeting cards with these designs, please reach out to me via my website's Contact form.


Floral Card - Happy DayFloral Card - Happy Day


While creating these cards, I looked up the meaning of different colours of roses and found the following from Passion Growers:

  • Pink - admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness and sweetness
  • White - innocence, purity, remembrance and new beginnings
  • Yellow - cheer, joy and friendship
  • Lavender - an enchanting way to say, "I love you!", offer a daily reminder of your love
  • Orange - energy, enthusiasm and excitement
  • Red - traditional symbol for love, romance, will always be a way to say "I love you"
  • Novelty (dual-colours) - combines messages of both colours (in the case below of pink and cream: admiration, gladness, and charm - perfect for a graduation; send congratulations to the graduates - unfortunately convocations may have been cancelled due to the pandemic)


Floral Card - CongratulationsFloral Card - Congratulations

I hope these cards will bring a smile to your face and to all who receive them.

Keep well and stay healthy!




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