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April 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

As we continue to flatten the COVID-19 curve, I hope you're keeping well and staying healthy. Although there are positive signs and various countries around the world have reopened (or are making plans) some businesses and schools, we must continue to take precautions to avoid future surges of infection.

After my past posts on "Coping with Social Distancing Amidst COVID-19" and "Treasures I Found While Social Distancing", I undertook a small photo project from the comfort of my home. Living at a busy intersection (well, typically it’s packed with cars, but both streets have been much quieter during this stay-at-home period), the view from my window isn’t very photogenic.

Picking one view which I thought has the most potential, I took photos of it whenever an interesting condition in lighting, weather or cloud formation appeared. Even in just one small square frame, this project over a 4-week period showed how many different images can be made by nature’s paintbrush, if we observe how it changes over time. This exercise brought me a moment of zen with each capture, and made me rethink how photogenic the view can be!

Here are various views at sunrise, sunset, before/after the rain, during snow flurries, on a sunny day...can you guess which image matches which condition? (I took quick shots with my phone at maximum zoom, so please excuse the photo quality!)

Stay-at-home View 1Stay-at-home View 1 Stay-at-home View 2Stay-at-home View 2 Stay-at-home View 3Stay-at-home View 3 Stay-at-home View 4Stay-at-home View 4 Stay-at-home View 5Stay-at-home View 5 Stay-at-home View 6Stay-at-home View 6 Stay-at-home View 7Stay-at-home View 7 Stay-at-home View 8Stay-at-home View 8 Stay-at-home View 9Stay-at-home View 9 Stay-at-home View 10Stay-at-home View 10 Stay-at-home View 11Stay-at-home View 11 Stay-at-home View 12Stay-at-home View 12


If you’re feeling bored, try a similar project in your home. It can be a view outside, or a spot inside your home that is exposed to different lighting conditions - of course you can create the lighting conditions too, have fun with it!

Although we’ve been restricted from freely going about our daily lives, our creativity can’t be bounded. We're still free to be creative and find different ways to express our art. In fact, this time period may have boosted creativity by limiting our physical boundaries. 

What creative endeavours did you take on? Please share!



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