Treasures I Found While Social Distancing

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I hope you are all keeping well and staying healthy (physically and emotionally) as we continue to fight COVID-19. To start off, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the frontline health staff and emergency responders who risk their lives daily to help others, and all the people who are working to provide essential services to keep us sustained. Also, to everyone who is doing their part by staying at home, thank you for making minor sacrifices to make a major contribution in saving lives. 

Rather than complaining about the social distancing and stay-at-home rules we've been asked to follow, this is a call for us to slow down our hectic lives and reflect on what's most important in life, giving us more time to connect with family and friends, to help others in need, work on to-do lists that we never had enough time for. 

Since my last post on "Coping with Social Distancing Amidst COVID-19", I've been revisiting photographs in my catalog, dusting off photo albums and books from my bookshelf - lo and behold, I've found some treasures to share with you.


I came across this image from Angel Road, which on first look, is a sunny vacation photo to brighten our days during this challenging time. But as I thought about it, this image is actually a metaphor of the situation we're in right now. Angel Road is a sandbar on an island - this beautiful scene only appears during low tide. It's believed that couples who walk across this sandbar together will find happiness together and their wishes will come true. Similarly, in this time when moods may be low and the situation seems dire, we get to see the best in people. Businesses converting their processes to manufacture items most in need, restaurants providing meals to healthcare workers, special provisions in grocery stores to assist seniors, the list goes on. Let us all work together to walk across this low point - when we reach the other side we will be stronger, and our wishes to overcome this disease will come true. 


Angel's RoadAngel's Road


The next treasure I found is a photo book that I put together after a family trip to Prince Edward Island. Usually I'm not a big fan of driving, but I made an exception for this trip - it was the best way to see all the amazing scenery and unique attractions around the island. Some of the photos from this trip can be viewed here. Of course, the photo book is also full of wonderful memories from the vacation with my mother, along with my aunt and uncle. We ate plenty of seafood, strolled on red sand shores, visited gardens, art galleries and the famous Green Gables (how could we miss this? I read all the books in the Anne of Green Gables series during high school!). What family trips and stories do you recall from your photo albums?


PEI Road TripPEI Road Trip


Another treasure I found on my bookshelf is a small book on Japanese living. Those who know me would have heard about my fascination with Japanese design, whether it be the use of wood in houses, the earthy tones of wabi-sabi pottery, or the simple yet refined style of food presentation. While flipping through this book, I found a piece of paper with page numbers written on it. The handwriting belonged to my mother, and seeing her notes immediately brought tears to my eyes. My mother had marked down pages of images that she liked most in the book. I looked for the pages she noted, turning the pages as if she was sitting next to me. All the photos that she liked are my favourites too, including the image below of matcha and sweet mochi, including all the zen design elements that appeal to me. I'm grateful that I have this special connection with my mother, and hope that in this time, you can find some special memories to bring you comfort. 


Japanese LivingJapanese Living

Have you found some treasures while social distancing?

Please continue to stay at home as much as possible, practice social (physical) distancing and stay healthy!



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