Signs of Spring and Renewal

May 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Can you believe we had snow flurries in Ontario last Saturday, the second weekend of May?  Now that we're into the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, there are finally more sure signs of spring. This aligns well with the reopening of businesses in various provinces across the country, signalling the renewal of economic activities and life routines as the number of COVID-19 cases slowly decrease. Although schools remain closed and events with large gatherings are not yet permitted, we can start to return to some type of normalcy in our lives, but it will be a new normal.

With the city having much less car traffic over the past 2 months, the sky appeared more blue, more clear, the clouds more white, more beautiful than before. Making a perfect backdrop for the baby green leaves sprouting out.

Sign of Spring 01Sign of Spring 01


Tree branches dotted with new leaves, their delicate silhouettes still clearly visible, taking on a fresh spring look after the long winter and self-isolation period.


Sign of Spring 02Sign of Spring 02

Even the yellow dandelions usually considered as weeds complemented well against the green grass. With the bright sunshine, all the colours appeared more vibrant, lifting my mood.  

Sign of Spring 03Sign of Spring 03


Having gone through a period of stay-at-home orders, it made me appreciate and be grateful for the simple things in life, rethink what's most important in life, what I could do without, and recognize the beauty in my nearby neighbourhood.

Did you make any new discoveries in your neighbourhood during this time of social distancing? Perhaps you've found new inspiration for your photography?

Enjoy your Victoria Day!





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