Dreamy Summer Days

July 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It's July 31st, which means another month has flown by in 2020. Summer is halfway over, so take advantage of the beautiful warm weather to enjoy the great outdoors. While the world is still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more cities are reopening their businesses and restarting the economy. Please continue to stay healthy and safe as you get together with family and friends, socialize in restaurants, visit museums or galleries, and adjust to the new normal way of life. 


Recently I went for a long walk in a city park and discovered some new walking trails. Well, they're not actually new but they're new to me - this is the first time I learned of their existence! Although international travel may still be limited (or we may not be too eager to get on an airplane just yet), we can explore our city and surrounding areas. I'm sure there are more discoveries to be found! 


From my walk, here are 3 images I'd like to share, to inspire you in exploring new locations or new ideas. The initial captures looked fairly ordinary, but after I tried some new methods of post-processing, it resulted in these dreamy abstract art photographs.

Guess which one is my favourite? Which do you like best?


Summer GarlandSummer GarlandGarland of white flowers, its gentle fragrance carried in the dreamy summer breeze.


Summer ParasolSummer ParasolWhite parasol to provide shade on a sunny, hot summer day.


Summer GrassesSummer GrassesWatching the grasses sway in the breeze, on a dreamy summer day.


Enjoy the dreamy summer days, watching grasses sway, smelling flowers' gentle fragrance, capturing all the beauty nature has to offer and making new discoveries.


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