Making Summer Last

August 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It's already the end of August - where has the summer gone? I hope you're enjoying the most of it, despite the restrictions on travelling overseas and various degrees of social activities permitted in each city. At least we can do more now than a few months ago, and the weather is warm for spending time outdoors. Even when staying indoors, there are lots of different hobbies to take on, whether it's cooking, reading, playing a musical instrument, learning a new language, or making fine art photographs. 


Here are two macro images that I took indoors, and processed to highlight the features of each plant (and making summer last longer). In the first image, the tiny green dots shine like emerald gemstones, and in the second image that has a more abstract feel, the veins of a lily petal that sustain the flower's life are featured. Which one do you prefer?


Emerald GemsEmerald GemsThis plant's green dots shine like emerald gemstones.


Lily PetalLily PetalVeins of this petal sustain the life of the lily flower.


As we head into September, here's a bright sunrise to start off the school year and welcome the Fall season, while we all adjust to the new normal way of life. 


Summer SunriseSummer SunriseAn early rise on a summer morning was rewarded by this fantastic sunrise. What a way to start the day!


Enjoy the warm summer weather while it lasts, and please continue to stay healthy and safe from COVID-19!



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