From Winter Blues to Abstract Art

February 17, 2022  •  1 Comment

If you're living in the Northern Hemisphere, there's still a few more weeks of winter before spring officially arrives. You may be experiencing a case of winter blues after months of cold weather and pandemic-related restrictions. Spending time on your favourite activities, enjoying delicious meals, or creating art can help to cure the winter blues!


If you recall from my blog post in mid-January, we had a HUGE snowstorm in Toronto (the largest one in the past decade!). The next day I went out for a walk, though it was a limited journey as many sidewalks had not been plowed and were impassable. Although it was a short walk, there were many interesting snow details along the way. Below is one example that I captured on my phone. My eyes were caught by the drift formation that popped up - it looked like a little animal that came out to play in the snow! It was quite cold that day so I quickly took the overall scene without zooming in, and continued on my way.


Snow Abstract - Original PhotoSnow Abstract - Original Photo


As my main interest from the photo above was the snow formation, in the next step of photo processing I cropped in tight to the shape, rotated it 90 degrees, and made a mirrored image which was then flipped vertically. This resulted in the following image. I also tinted the left side blue while making the right side black-and-white.

Snow Abstract - In Progress PhotoSnow Abstract - In Progress Photo


I liked how the above image looked, but then started experimenting with some photo apps on my phone. One of the options was this geometric abstract below. It gave several variations on how the "broken" strips were angled and arranged. I liked this arrangement the best, as it accentuated the zigzag shape of the snow formation. The colour tones were also slightly adjusted to produce the final result below - creating a contemporary abstract photographic art piece.


Snow AbstractSnow Abstract


As shown in this example, we can find ways to turn winter blues into fun activities - for me it is creating abstract art through photography. What are your tips for emerging from the winter blues?


Spring is just around the corner! Let's look forward to the fresh opportunities it will bring :-)



I. Kent(non-registered)
Enjoyed this, especially seeing what you did with your original photos. So creative!
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