Happy Thanksgiving 2021

October 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Last year for Thanksgiving, many families could not gather with relatives and friends due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Despite ongoing cases of COVID-19 this year, Canadians are able to get together and celebrate safely. This is certainly a reason to give thanks!

Similar to last year, I bought a carnival squash with festive colourful design (but may try it with a different recipe this year). It looks as if someone has painted a band of orange across the squash covering the original green colours - isn't design by nature amazing? 



Although the weather this week is warmer than usual (thankful for the 20'C temperatures in early October!), it was cool a few weeks ago and the change to fall colours has started. I went to the park and captured the photos below. I had always wanted to stand near the centre of the stream to get all the wonderful reflections, so I was really glad to find the path this time where I could capture this scene!



Here's a close-up of the reflected colours - a fantastic blend of yellows, greens and golden orange, combined with the gentle ripples spreading through the water. 



I'm so grateful for all the beauty that nature gives us, along with my family and friends who I can celebrate with. 


Happy Thanksgiving 2021


Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!





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