Photo Art Series: Japan + Shodou

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My photo art series on Japan + Shodou has been expanded with three new pieces. This series started a few years ago when I travelled to Japan, visiting various parks and art installation sites. Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind the pieces in this art series. 


With my personal interest in Japanese language and culture, I started studying Japanese a few years ago. After taking these photos in Japan, I wanted to combine their titles written in Japanese calligraphy (known as shodou) onto the images. I bought a brush style pen and began practicing to write the characters. After many pages of practice, I obtained results that I liked and overlaid them onto the photos. 


Three of the pieces were released at the beginning of 2020 and were exhibited in the Artsu Matsuri exhibit at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. These photos were captured from two flower parks near Tokyo in Japan, featuring blue-as-the-sky nemophila flowers and purple wisteria flowers.


Flowers of the Sky (Sora no Hana)Flowers of the Sky (Sora no Hana)Nemophila flowers (also known as Baby Blue Eyes) cover the gently sloping hill, forming a uniform scene with the blue sky. Part of my art series combining calligraphy with images captured in Japan.

Flowers of the Sky


Colour of Wind (Kaze no Iro)Colour of Wind (Kaze no Iro)Orange poppies can be found here and there amongst the sea of blue nemophila flowers. Standing taller than the baby blue eyes, dots of orange sway in the wind. Part of my art series combining calligraphy with images captured in Japan.

Colour of Wind


  Pearls of Flower (Hana no Tama)Pearls of Flower (Hana no Tama)The curtain of wisteria flowers were an amazing sight to behold. Focusing on one string showcases the pearls of flower that make up the entire scene. While the 150-year old wisteria (fuji) tree is most impressive, it’s the individual contribution of pearls of flowers that add up to the overall beauty. Similarly, the collaboration of of our individual efforts is essential towards enhancing the global community. Part of my art series combining calligraphy with images captured in Japan.

Pearls of Flower


The new pieces pictured below were photographed in the Setouchi area of Japan, where I attended a festival with various art installations.


Stillness of Stone (Ishi no Sei)Stillness of Stone (Ishi no Sei)

Stillness of Stone


Sound of the Bell (Suzu no Oto)Sound of the Bell (Suzu no Oto)

Sound of the Bell


Ramen of the Sky (Sora no Ramen)Ramen of the Sky (Sora no Ramen)

Ramen of the Sky


Please visit this gallery to see all the pieces in this series, and please reach me via the Contact Form if you are interested in these pieces of contemporary art work for your home or office decor. 

Stay tuned for additional photo art series coming soon!



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