Photo Art Series: Bittersweet Hokkaido

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I'm excited to release my photo art series titled "Bittersweet Hokkaido". This series started a few years ago when I travelled to Hokkaido, the northern-most island of Japan. Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind the pieces in this art series. 


My mother and I travelled to Hokkaido more than 10 years ago, and we took a trip there in the summer of 2018. However, this latter time I was seeing the sights on earth while she was viewing them from heaven above. Although we were physically apart, I know she remains my guide, accompanying me in spirit as I journey. She was always my protector and now she is my guardian angel. I saw these scenes through a portal, as in a dream, and my feelings were bittersweet, symbolized by stylized tears in muted colours. Though I was happy to be there, recalling our previous trip to this island, I was sad that my mother wasn't there physically next to me, enjoying the scenery with me, sharing our feelings and experiences at these locations. She had enjoyed our previous trips to Japan - no doubt she would have loved this trip too. 


My mother exists freely in space - I know she was watching me from above. Although I may have appeared as a tiny dot in this vast expanse, I could feel her love and spirit embracing me as I experienced and captured these scenes. The digital artwork that I added into each piece was inspired by the elements or shapes in the scene, along with colours that were found in the image.


Some of the pieces were captured at Moerenuma Park in Sapporo, converted from a waste treatment plant into an expansive park with various hills and playground structures, designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi.


Bittersweet Hokkaido - TearsBittersweet Hokkaido - Tears Bittersweet Hokkaido - Side by SideBittersweet Hokkaido - Side by Side Bittersweet Hokkaido - TogetherBittersweet Hokkaido - Together


Two of the pieces were taken at Hill of the Buddha, a Buddhist shrine located in a cemetery, designed by architect Tadao Ando. From afar, only the top of the Buddha statue is visible, surrounded by a hill of lavender flowers. 


Bittersweet Hokkaido - At PeaceBittersweet Hokkaido - At Peace


The design is such that visitors walk around a large reflecting pool (pictured below) and pass through a tunnel before reaching the Buddha statue, giving time to prepare oneself spiritually before entering the place of worship.

Bittersweet Hokkaido - ReflectingBittersweet Hokkaido - Reflecting


Here is a photo of the Buddha statue, a peaceful sight to end my bittersweet journey to Hokkaido.

Buddha StatueBuddha Statue



Please visit this gallery to see all the pieces in this series, and please reach me via the Contact Form if you are interested in these pieces of contemporary art work for your home or office decor. 

Stay tuned for additional photo art series coming soon!



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