Stay-At-Home Views: 10 Months Later

February 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Ten months ago in late April 2020, when I was one-and-a-half months into the stay-at-home orders imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wrote a post with a series of 12 images titled "Stay-at-Home Views". Next month will mark the one-year anniversary of these social distancing orders in my part of the city. Although businesses had reopened to some degree last summer/fall, we're in lockdown mode again except for essential trips outside the home.


If you missed my previous post, it's linked here for your perusal, and I've included the 12 original images below for your reference. Here are 3 recent images taken with the same theme. Although similar colour schemes and lighting conditions appear when compared to the previous series, isn't it amazing how cloud formations can give unlimited combinations and produce unique images? 


Stay-at-home View 13Stay-at-home View 13 Stay-at-home View 14Stay-at-home View 14 Stay-at-home View 15Stay-at-home View 15


Below are the 12 images from last year's 4-week project (these images were captured with mobile phone at maximum zoom, so please excuse the blurriness!). Which lighting/weather condition do you like best? I like the soft colour palettes near sunrise/sunset, but also enjoy the dramatic lighting conditions. 

Stay-at-home View 1Stay-at-home View 1 Stay-at-home View 2Stay-at-home View 2 Stay-at-home View 3Stay-at-home View 3 Stay-at-home View 4Stay-at-home View 4 Stay-at-home View 5Stay-at-home View 5 Stay-at-home View 6Stay-at-home View 6 Stay-at-home View 7Stay-at-home View 7 Stay-at-home View 8Stay-at-home View 8 Stay-at-home View 9Stay-at-home View 9 Stay-at-home View 10Stay-at-home View 10 Stay-at-home View 11Stay-at-home View 11 Stay-at-home View 12Stay-at-home View 12


When we need new photographic ideas (or for other creative endeavours), it helps to set constraints on our project. For example, in this case I limited the project to one frame as viewed from my window. Nonetheless, it has created numerous unique images and helped me to see this scene with new eyes, bringing a sense of calm despite the pandemic.


Although vaccinations against COVID-19 have started around the world, new variants are surfacing so it may be a while yet until we can return to life as normal. What creative projects have you started in the past year? Let's stay strong, stay home as much as possible and continue to let our creativity roam in unlimited directions!  



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