Photo Book Gifts for Special Occasions

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Now that Easter and Passover have been celebrated (though it was another year of virtual celebrations in most locations, to limit in-person gatherings during the pandemic), it's time to prepare gifts for upcoming special occasions. Mother's Day is coming up in May, with Father's Day following in June, and birthdays are in every month of the year. 


Or perhaps you would like to send a gift to lift someone's spirits, which is much needed this year as many people are dealing with various challenges brought on by the pandemic. They may have lost a loved one to COVID-19 (my thoughts and prayers go out to them), they may be tirelessly working in the frontlines of healthcare or other essential services (thank you!), they may be stressed from work-from-home plus home-schooling (parents, hang in there), they may be isolated due to the limited number of family or friends they can meet (please stay strong), or they simply deserve a thank-you for helping with your errands (so grateful for these kind hearts!). All these are reasons that one should spend time with art, by immersing themselves in the pages of an art photo book.


I've published a number of photo books that are suitable for any of these occasions. To uplift spirits or to say thank-you, I would recommend the "Dreamy Florals" book, filled with more than 40 dreamy rose photos that will bring you into a colourful garden. These roses will last all year round in the recipient's home and bring a smile to their face whenever they flip through the pages.


Dreamy FloralsDreamy FloralsA book of dreamy floral photography to bring peace and hope to your heart. To say thank you, to brighten someone's day, and for all flower-lovers.


For special occasions or for art lovers, there are three other options for your consideration:  first is "Titled Art No. 1" which features 26 art photos, with their titles creatively incorporated into the images.  


Titled Art No. 1 PhotobookTitled Art No. 1 Photobook


Two other options are portfolio books of my colour photos or black-and-white photos. These are hardcover books featuring debossed linen-style covers, each with approximately 50 art photos printed on photo paper. Please contact me via the online Contact form to obtain a copy of the portfolio photo book for the art-lover on your gift list!

Rita Wong Photography Portfolio BooksRita Wong Photography Portfolio Books


If you're gifting to a photographer who wants to create more artistic images, I would recommend "Art Design in Photography". They will learn how to apply elements of art design in photography and use visual language for creating impactful images. Ten elements of design are presented, along with sample images from my portfolio, accompanied by explanatory text.



Last but not least are my travel photo books. The "Peace of Kyoto" book is filled with 80 pages of peaceful sights from Kyoto, ranging from traditional to modern architecture, skillfully built shrines and temples, serene zen gardens to street scenes. It features photo lustre paper, with a satin-matte surface that makes each page look and feel like a photo print.

Please click here for a collection of sample pages for your perusal. 


Peace of Kyoto Photobook CoverPeace of Kyoto Photobook Cover


The "Patterns of Morocco" book features the vibrant colours and patterns in Morocco, both in the cities and in natural settings. The book will take you on a photographic journey around Morocco, starting from Casablanca, to fishing town of Essaouira and lively Marrakech, across the High Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert, stopping in Fes for the cultural arts and wrapping up in the blue pearl of Chefchaouen. This hardcover book is filled with 168 pages of photographs printed on premium silk paper.

Please click here for a collection of sample pages for your perusal.


Patterns of Morocco Photobook CoverPatterns of Morocco Photobook CoverCover of photo book "Patterns of Morocco" by Rita Wong Photography


Please contact me via the online Contact form to obtain a copy of the travel photo books for the traveller or art-lover on your gift list.


I hope this gift guide has helped you choose the perfect gift for special occasions or for your special someone, or as a present for yourself! Please feel free to contact me if you require further guidance in selecting a photo book gift. 




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